Founded in 1997 to provide a metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and a design and engineering service to companies throughout the UK.  Our strength is our continuous investment in capital equipment and our motivated and highly skilled workforce.


MT Fabrication provides a complete service for all types of metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.  We take projects from initial concept, design, to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply.


Operating out of a 7000sqf workshop with a dustfree room for CNC punch/bend for one-off or production runs.  Adjacent to a dedicated welding and metal fabrication workshop operating the biggest welding jigs in the South East.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

"To be seen as an employer of choice for offering rewarding and interesting work in a safe environment "


"To provide a design, metal fabrication, manufacturing and sheet metal products that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service and value and to be recognised in the industries we serve as a partner to rely on."

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Alternatively, you may email us at: or telephone us on: 01903 820651

metal fabrication

MT Fabrication provides our clients with professional, high-quality metal fabrication, sheet metal, welding, exterior cladding and CNC punch/form/roll services at competitive prices.

We are experienced in providing a precision metal fabrication service and, sheet metal with our highly skilled and motivated workforce.  We work with a variety of substrate including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and exotic alloys such as Inconel, each material presents its own challenge and methods.

MT fabrications operate the largest welding jig in the South East, which we utilise for the precision required for aerospace and pharmaceutical industries on critical components manufacturing.

We take great pride in our services and the quality of our work, please do not hesitate in contacting us..

metal fabrication metal frame
largest in south east welding jig table

largest welding jig table in South East of England to ensure fabrication and welding to exact tolerances.

sheet metal welding

Metal Fabrication And Welding On Stainless Steel, Mild Steel And Aluminium

We carry out threes types of welding dependent on the material and condition of use.  MT fabrications provide a complete welding service for MIG TIG and ARC, from initial design including welding stress calculations to the finish of the weld, from rough grind to mirror polish.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to use all three welding techniques and to effectively maintain high quality throughout production.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a commonly used welding method as it is so diverse and effective. It is the metal fabrication welding method that requires the most expertise and is most appropriately used for bigger projects.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) – The process of MIG welding involves feeding a thin wire through the welding instrument, heating it as you do so. The MIG welding process is best suited for thinner materials.

ARC Welding – As it requires the least amount of materials it is typically the cheapest welding method to perform. ARC welding is best used when working with thicker materials

Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

MT Fabrication has many years of experience in working with stainless steel in the metal fabrication industry and provide a complete service to our clients for all their stainless steel metal fabrication needs

We provide a high precision stainless steel projects to a variety of industries including catering, pharmaceutical, security and aerospace.  MT Fabrication can provide you with a complete service from concept advice, prototypes to contentious manufacturing and supply.

Stainless steel fabrication
solidworks 3d design metal fabrication
metal fabrication solidworks
raden logo for sheet metal fabrication

Concept Advice, Design And Metal Fabrication

Our years of design experience derives from finding the very best ways to bring your concept to life. From the very beginning of your project you will have the opportunity to benefit from receiving concept advice from our skillful in-house design team, who are proficient in working with SolidWorks 3D CAD system.

Their experience and expertise will turn your ideas into reality. Our experience in sheet metal fabrication products includes CNC, PUNCH, Bend and Roll. We use specialised software such as RADAN and link it to our CNC machine for efficient and accurate production.

3d solidworks cad

Steel Metal Fabrication

MT Fabrication offers a complete package for steel metal fabrication of larger steel structures such as fire escapes, conveying systems, agricultural equipment, pharmaceutical and aerospace.

We carry out on-site surveys and are experienced with working with in-house designers, architects, and external consultants.  We can also manufacture and install from your existing plans.

We derive great satisfaction in our work and will proceed with your project with enthusiasm, attentiveness and professionalism and keeping you informed at every stage.

steel fabrication
steel fabrication

mt fabrications request for metal fabrication quotation

We offer you advice on your initial concept as well as prototypes, small batches and a continuous manufacturing supply of metal fabrication and sheet metal products as part of our service. We have strived to keep our costs low and we continuously focus on and improve both our workmanship and customer service. or telephone us on: 01903 820651

Metal Fabrication With CNC Euromac Plus 6

Metal Fabrication manufactures one-off projects, prototypes, and small and large batch runs, inclusive of our continuous supply production. We use the very best tools for the job and our CNC punching machine is the Euromac Plus 6. The high-speed machine boasts stability, precision and reliability, allowing consistent, high quality results with all metal fabrication projects.

The EUROMAC Plus 6 has an impressive hit rate of 650 per minute that enables us to perform the finest production on even the most nested of sheets. With the Euromac Plus 6’s 300 Kn of force we have the capability and proficiency of punching up to 6mm of stainless steel sheet, on a 3000mm x 1250mm bed to incredible tolerances of 0.05mm

cnc bend and form metal fabrication

CNC Hydraulic Bending Rollers

MT Fabrication utilises CNC Hydraulic Bending rollers to allow for excellent precision for our metal fabrication projects. Using this specialised equipment, together with our expertise, we can roll tubes, cylinders, funnels, curves and contours. With over controllable power and CNC control, we can roll up to 6mm of stainless steel sheet which can be later fabricated, welded and finished.

CNC Services
cnc punch and form metal fabrication

Ermak CNC Bend 3000×100

MT Fabrication achieves continuous high quality, accurate and repetitive bending metal fabrication by using synchronized cylinders and valves, as well as automatic utilisation of all axes on start-up. Using these efficient techniques we are able to bend longer and deeper parts with maximum repeatability.

stainless steel sheet metal fabrications

Sheet Metal Fabrication In Stainless Steel, Mild Steel And Aluminium

MT Fabrication employs experienced staff with the skills and know-how to produce the finest quality sheet metal fabrication projects.  We can punch, form, roll, fabricate weld and finish

Our skilled in-house design team will be here to discuss your specific requirements. We will develop your project made to your exact specifications using high-grade stainless steel and within an agreed time-frame.

sheet metal fabrication

Exterior And Interior Metal Cladding Manufacture And Installation

MT Fabrication uses high-quality materials from a traceable source to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and specifications.  We carry out complete metal cladding manufacturing and installation projects. We ensure that all of our metal fabrication materials we use meet all the required fire and safety regulations.

We have built up the expertise to be able to handle your project from start to finish including designing, manufacturing and installing. After you have discussed your requirements with our design team, we are confident that we can meet your specifications for product supply and customer service.

We can apply intricate concave curves and bends to stainless steel staircase, balustrades, barriers barricades for both indoors and outdoors

MT fabrication has built up a good customer base has completed many interior and exterior cladding projects for Network Rail, London Underground and  DLR.  As well as new structures for GSK and exteriror cladding of commercial buildings

exterior metal cladding
exterior and interior metal cladding

Quality And Confidence Of Supply

MT Fabrications employes highly skilled fabricators and welders who continuously complete complex and high quality metal fabrication projects.  Each of our welders are coded to standards and are continually assessed to ensure the standard of workmanship required by our metal fabrication clients.

We use only the best materials and purchase them from long-standing and trusted sources of raw materials. All material source can be traced back.

We strive to continuously improve our methods so that our clients have confidence in knowing that we offer an exceptionally high quality metal fabrication service.

All our clients are welcome to our premises at any time of the project cycle.