Stainless Steel Fabrication and Welding


Founded in 1997 to provide a metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and a design and engineering service to companies throughout the UK.  Our strength is our continuous investment in capital equipment and our motivated and highly skilled workforce.


MT Fabrication provides a complete service for all types of metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.  We take projects from initial concept, design, to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply.


Operating out of a 7000sqf workshop with a dustfree room for CNC punch/bend for one-off or production runs.  Adjacent to a dedicated welding and metal fabrication workshop operating the biggest welding jigs in the South East.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

"To be seen as an employer of choice for offering rewarding and interesting work in a safe environment "


"To provide a design, metal fabrication, manufacturing and sheet metal products that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service and value and to be recognised in the industries we serve as a partner to rely on."


MT Fabrication can provide you with any information you need regarding our stainless steel welding and fabrication services. Simply follow the link and fill out the form provided.  Alternatively, you could email us at: or phone us on: 01903 820 651

largest in south east welding jig table

largest welding jig table in South East to ensure fabrication and welding to exact tolerances.

Welding Services


MT Fabrication can assist you at every stage of your stainless steel project, from initial concept advice, design and manufacture off your stainless steel fabrication project.

We operate one of the largest welding jigs in the South East to ensure that our stainless steel fabrication projects are made to exact tolerances.

MT Fabrication is highly proficient in producing quality welds consistently in line with the requirements and strength required.  When working with stainless steel Gas tungsten ARC welding (more simply known as GTAW or TIG). We use the GTAW method because it produces a strong and durable weld, as well as an attractive and neat finish.

When working with thin sheets of stainless steel, a precise and controlled welding job is crucial, which is why the GTAW method is the most common method when dealing with stainless steel fabrication welding. The TIG (GTAW) method allows us to weld at a low current and low heat point, while enabling us to easily add filler wire whenever required.

metal fabrication solidworks


SOLIDWORDS 3D assistance throughout your project lifespan.

We can take your stainless steel projects from a simple drawing or even just an idea and turn it into reality.

Our expertise on Solidworks 3D allows us to design accurately and quickly to ensure design costs are kept to a minimum.  The 3D rendering and 360-degree view allow you to see the design in high detail, at any angle, before anything is made.  Changes and redesign are also able to be done quickly and accurately.

Prior going to production, a complete material list is compiled with details instructions and work orders.  All changes and alterations are confirmed with rerendering for acceptance.

solidworks cad


MT Fabrication can expertly craft stainless steel tubes, pipes, balustrades and barriers using SolidWorks 3D CAD System.

For balustrades and barriers, we can carry out onsite surveys and installation if required.  We can also work with your own architectural drawings and have many successful past projects for GSK, London Enderground and Network Rail.

Creation of initial prototype including design and build of any welding jigs required for accurate welding and finishing.  There are many different types of surface finish on stainless steel. Some of these come from the mill but many are applied later during manufacturing, such as polished, brushed, blasted, etched and coloured finishes.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Whatever your stainless steel fabrication requirements are, MT Fabrications can offer a comprehensive and efficient service.  

email:  Tel: 01903 820 651


We work with a variety of stainless steel strengths depending on the conditions and requirements of the projects.  For complex shapes, patterns, case and frames we punch stainless steel up to 6mm in thickness to a tolerance of 0.05mm.

MT fabrications run its own tool sharpening bay to ensure our tools maintain there cutting edge and tolerance, with minimal downtime.

Our design and production systems are linked to a specialized software called RADAN for accurate sheet layout.  We are confident that we can meet your specifications with precision on time and at a competitive and fair price

There’s really no limit to what we can do with our expertise, equipment, and knowledge. No matter how complex your demands are, we are confident in our capabilities; from nested and punched sheets, to bent, folded, and rolled creations. We offer the complete stainless steel fabrication service for forming, rolling and welding. MT Fabrication completes it all under one roof. From the design, stainless steel fabrication and welding.

our cnc capabilities


 At MT Fabrications we have built up many years of experience in the supply of stainless steel components and parts to industry and local consumers. 

Some of the stainless steel fabrication projects we have undertaken are pharmaceutical cleanroom components and infrastructure, aerospace parts as well as less safety-critical industries but as equally demanding on quality of product and costs.

We can often move very quickly on any urgent stainless steel fabrication project and have excellent relationships with suppliers in the area for quick stock.

We also understand that an economic solution is just as important for our clients when considering stainless steel fabrication services and we work closely with our clients to always improve efficiency.


MT Fabrication can confidently promise you a high-quality, economic, and aesthetically pleasing product and stainless steel fabrication services.

Skilled and experienced fabricators and welders –

Raw materials sourced from long-standing and trusted sources

Continuous dedication to improvement and perfection

Communication to our clients at milestone points as well as any issue that might arise.