WElding Services


Founded in 1997 to provide a metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and a design and engineering service to companies throughout the UK.  Our strength is our continuous investment in capital equipment and our motivated and highly skilled workforce.


MT Fabrication provides a complete service for all types of metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.  We take projects from initial concept, design, to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply.


Operating out of a 7000sqf workshop with a dustfree room for CNC punch/bend for one-off or production runs.  Adjacent to a dedicated welding and metal fabrication workshop operating the biggest welding jigs in the South East.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

"To be seen as an employer of choice for offering rewarding and interesting work in a safe environment "


"To provide a design, metal fabrication, manufacturing and sheet metal products that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service and value and to be recognised in the industries we serve as a partner to rely on."


Here at MT Fabrications we provide a wide range of welding services including ARC, MIG, and TIG. We can put together a complete comprehensive quote with competitive rates and all the information you need. All you need to do is follow the link below and fill out a simple form to tell us your needs. One of our expert advisers will get back to you asap.

largest welding jig table in South East to ensure fabrication and welding to exact tolerances.

WELDING SERVICES for Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium

We carry out 3 main types of welding methods which depends on what kind of metal is required.  We can offer advice on the best material and welding process for your requirements.

We operate the biggest welding table in the South East for precise setup prior to welding.

TIG welding: TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas welding, and it is one of the most commonly-used methods. However, it actually requires the most expertise, which our team specializes in. TIG welding is very diverse and extremely effective when executed by an expert hand. Most large projects will employ the TIG method.

MIG welding: MIG stands for Metal Insert Gas welding and it is quite complicated to execute. The MIG method involves a thin wire which is fed through the welding instrument, as it is fed through, it is heated along the way. This more delicate method is usually chosen when working with thinner metals. Our welding services include MIG welding as well as ARC and TIG.

ARC welding: Use on mild steel and when thicker metals and materials are called for.

Finishing We can finish the weld from a rough grind, mirror polish and prepared for powder coating

metal fabrication solidworks


We are proficient in the use of 3D SOLIDWORKS for all types of welding services.  use the very best technology to ensure the best possible result for our customers, starting from the design process, all the way through to testing and manufacturing.

Our design team uses the latest version s SolidWorks (the industry-leading 3D CAD, CADAM system), which follows the correct design principals for accurate and thorough stress tested designs.

A 3D render is produced even before it has been manufactured, so you have a complete overview of the final product.

solidworks metal fabrication


Among our many welding services, sheet metal welding is one of the most quoted. If your sheet metal welding project is very large, we can come to your site to conduct a full survey and assessment.

We have many years of experience in dealing with sheet metal fabrication and component manufacturing, including bespoke and high batch production runs.  We regularly take just an idea to a complete product all in-house.

Our design team will then take the findings and create a 3D plan for perfecting and stress testing. We then move onto manufacturing your sheet metal construction and finally,

sheet metal fabrication


We are sure that whatever your project is, no matter how big or small, no matter which material is needed, and no matter which process is required, our team can curate your project from start to finish. Our welding services span across all budgets, time-frames and production needs, so let us know what you need, and we will sort out a full quote for you. projects@mtfabrications.co.uk Or go old-school and give us a call on 01903 820 651


MT Fabrications can design and manufacture complex welding services such as bent, punched, folded, and rolled. We have the best CNC machine on the market, and we link it to a comprehensive and professional software called RADAN to ensure the design and production is exact, precise, and completely conforming to specifications.

Our experts use the art of fine welding combined with modern technology to provide exact dimensions and high-quality end results. We can provide welding services as a one-off, or as a continuous supply.

our CNC capabilities


MT Fabrications and our workforce take personal pride in our welding capabilities.  Over the 20 years we have built up a stable and committed workforce, no more so in our welding department.

All our welders are time served experienced welders with a number of quality welding codes and standards held personnel and by the company.

Welds can be finished in all manners including rough grind, invisible weld to any finish that is required in the specification.

steel fabrication
stainless steel fabrication


Many industries and businesses require stainless steel welding services, all of which we can cater to with perfect results. We can provide for large industries and companies such as Network Rail, for which we have provided many stainless steel barriers

Creative and intricate curves and designs for decorative work such as balustrades can be completed beautifully economically by our dedicated and passionate welders and designers.

We always offer an on-site inspection, a full design process, manufacturing, and installation. Prototypes are created for testing and fitting and are creating using our bespoke welding jigs to ensure consistent accuraccy.


At MT Fabrication we promise our clients and customers the highest quality work ensured by our carefully-selected team of skilled fabricators and welders.

We only hire the best, and they get even better by working in our passionate and positive environment.

All of our materials are sourced from trustworthy sources which have been long-standing in the welding industry, known for quality and safety. We only use the best materials for our clients.