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Founded in 1997 to provide a metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and a design and engineering service to companies throughout the UK.  Our strength is our continuous investment in capital equipment and our motivated and highly skilled workforce.


MT Fabrication provides a complete service for all types of metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.  We take projects from initial concept, design, to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply.


Operating out of a 7000sqf workshop with a dustfree room for CNC punch/bend for one-off or production runs.  Adjacent to a dedicated welding and metal fabrication workshop operating the biggest welding jigs in the South East.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

"To be seen as an employer of choice for offering rewarding and interesting work in a safe environment "


"To provide a design, metal fabrication, manufacturing and sheet metal products that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service and value and to be recognised in the industries we serve as a partner to rely on."

  Exterior and interior metal cladding quotation.

At MT Fabrications, we provide accurate and full quotations on all types of exterior and interior metal cladding systems. Whatever your metal cladding needs, our services strive for perfection whilst completing your jobs at a highly competitive rate. Allow us to help with your exterior and interior metal cladding needs today by clicking the button.
Email: projects@mtfabrications.co.uk Telephone: 01903 820 651

We also have access to the best resources, including the largest welding jig available in the South East. We never cut back on any area of our exterior and interior metal cladding services, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us when you see what’s on offer.

Exterior and interior metal cladding

MT Fabrications have thorough knowledge in fitting and designing the highest quality interior and exterior metal cladding. This has enabled us to provide many businesses in the UK with reliable cladding. No matter how large or small a job is, we guarantee that each project is carried out with the same principles and procedures in mind.

We are fully dedicated to the cladding work we carry out, that’s why every step of our exterior and interior metal cladding is completed by an expert in their field. MT Fabrication is made up of the best architects, committed suppliers and knowledgeable fitters.

metal fabrication solidworks

Complete exterior and interior design service

We want to ensure that each product we manufacture is long lasting and secure. This is important for reliability and peace of mind. For these reasons, we stress test our interior and exterior metal cladding in the design process. One of the ways we do this is by using Solidworks – one of the latest and best pieces of software available. Using Solidworks allows us to design the best cladding, due to its inbuilt intelligent design system. The software allows us to craft error-free designs, which in turn, increases productivity and helps us to create the highest quality cladding on the market.

cladding 3D solidworks cad

Quotation request for metal cladding

Whatever your cladding requests are, be it interior or exterior, MT Fabrications can offer a comprehensive service, including manufacture and installation. Getting in touch is easy, simply email or call us using the information below. A member of our team will happily discuss any information you require in regards to exterior and interior metal cladding.
Email: projects@mtfabrications.co.uk Telephone: 01903 820 651

Curves, bends and profiles for sheet metal cladding projects

Our highly skilled team have the ability to bend complex tube and profile for decorative or functional purposes. Whatever your required look, design or finish of interior and exterior cladding, we can accommodate.

We have experience fitting three metre wide sheets with opposite bends and curves and incorporating locking mechanisms or fixing points. We understand that our clients are individuals and have different styles in mind, therefore we offer the services above in any finish.

Complex tube bending for balustrades and barriers

MT Fabrication has carried out work for some of the biggest companies in the UK. These include LUL and Network Rail. If you’re looking for a skilled professional to carry out complex tube bending for balustrades and barriers, look no further than us.

We guarantee intricate curves and bends to be welded to the highest exact standard and have great experience in design and installation. We always check up with on-site inspections and are constantly producing prototypes for testing purposes.

Interior and exterior cladding with steel fabrication

Fitting great quality interior and exterior metal cladding a company with knowledge and experience in steel fabrication. Our team is made up of skilled workmen who will always ensure high quality and reliable metal cladding and steel fabrication services.

Every part of our service will be carried out professionally, with you in mind every step of the way. As with all of our services and products, the quotation you receive will be in full.

steel fabrication

CNC sheet punch, form and profile for intricate interior and exterior cladding

MT Fabrication understand that not all clients want their interior and exterior metal cladding to be plain. We are experts in creating intricately designed and detailed cladding, as well as plain cladding. We can create punched, bent, folded and rolled shapes to suits your needs.

As with all of our cladding, our intricate interior and exterior metal cladding is linked to RADAN to provide cladding that is crafted to exact dimensions and welded perfectly

CNC interior and exterior serves

Quality and confidence of supply

MT Fabrications are highly skilled fabricators and welders and we want our customers to have the best interior and exterior metal cladding available; that’s why we will complete any work you require with you and the reliability of your product in mind. We want you to have faith in our services, therefore we ensure that our supplies and materials used come from longstanding and trustworthy raw material sources.

Our dedication to the best cladding services doesn’t stop at where we currently are; we continually work to improve our company, in order to guarantee a great business that provides the best service.