cnc sheet metal punching, forming and rolling


Founded in 1997 to provide a metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and a design and engineering service to companies throughout the UK.  The company’s strength is our continuous investement in capital equipment and our motivated and highly skilled fabricators and welders.


MT Fabrication provides a complete service for all types of metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.  We take projects from initial concept, design, to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply.  We


Operating out of a 3500sqf workshop with a dustfree room for CNC punch/bend for one-off or production runs.  Adjacent is a dedicated welding and metal fabrication workshop operating one of the biggest welding jigs in the South East.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

“To provide an engineering design, manufactouring and sheet metal products that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations for quality, service and value and to be recognized in the industries we serve as a partner to rely on.”

“To be seen as an employer of choice for offering rewarding and interesting work in a safe environment “


If you have a query about our CNC sheet metal punching, forming and rolling services, we are happy to discuss your needs before providing you with a full quote. Our quotes are competitive and thorough, and we are always happy to discuss your project in detail.  Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01903 820 651

Our machines can reach up to 300 Km of force which means we can punch up to 6mm of stainless steel on a 3000mmx1250mm plat form, with an incredible tolerance level. Large jobs requiring thick and stacked stainless steel sheets are no problem for us, as our workshop is thoroughly equipped for each job.

For your interest, here are the specific of our CNC punching machine so you can get an idea of the effectiveness and sophistication of our equipment:

Max. punching force (kN) 300
X axis (mm) 1300
Y axis with Multi-tool /Mono-punch (mm) Y = 1250 1300 / 1250
Automatic re-positioning in X (mm) up to 10000
Numerically control stroke depth (mm) from 0.1 to 31
Position accuracy (mm) +/- 0.05
Precision in forming repeatability (mm) +/- 0.1


MT Fabrication has a range of CNC machines for punching, forming, bending rolling and cutting. 

We can provide CNC services for one-off projects, prototypes, small and large batch runs, and production for a continuous supply.


Our extensive collection of CNC punching tools can handle any, if not all, CNC sheet metal punching services. There is never a loss in production rate, accuracy, or quality when it comes to CNC punching services, thanks to our fastidious sharpening and maintenance policies.

Every tool and piece of machinery we own and use is of the highest quality and functionality. Our specialized in-house grinding and sharpening machine keeps our tools sharp and good-as-new so each cut, each punch, and each weld is perfect and precise. One of our top-quality punching machines we use is the MTX PLUS 6 CNC machine, which constantly monitors the sharpness of the punching tool to ensure supreme quality. If any shift in tolerance occurs, the operator is alerted immediately, so adjustments can be made.


We can provide you with a comprehensive concept advice and design for all CNC sheet metal punching, forming and rolling products.

We use the 3D SolidWorks to create an accurate design for thorough stress testing and exact dimensions layout. Once designs are signed off, we can pass the job on to our incredible sheet metal punching experts to manufacture your product to perfection.

Our use of 3D SOLIDWORKS design software and RADAN CNC system integration system allows our designs to be quickly and accurately put into production.  We provide 3D rendering at every stage of the design process and can make alterations quickly and cost effectively.

metal fabrication solidworks
CNC solidworks cad services

ERMAK CNC BEND 3000 x 100

The machine we use to complete complex, repetitive and high-quality bends utilises synchronised cylinders and valves.

Long and deep parts can be bent with maximum repetitions due to the automatic utilisation of all axis. Our chosen top and bottom tool brands are well-known for their hardened and long-lasting qualities, providing precise bending every time.


To bend and roll sheets of metal, we use a comprehensive and high-quality rolling machine to provide accurate and precise bends and rolls to comply with the design dimensions.

Our machine are lubricated and stress-relieved to provide continuous and smooth-running bends with precise results. CNC sheet metal bending, punching and rolling are among our many areas of expertise, and our high-end equipment helps to get the job done quickly and perfectly.  

 small & Large batch production

We can offer initial concept advice including prototype, small batch and continuous manufacturing supply of metal fabrication and sheet metal products. You will find our quotation accurate, competitive while maintaining our focus on workmanship and customer service.

email:  Tel: 01903 820 651


It doesn’t matter whether your CNC sheet metal punching, forming and rolling production request is for small or large batches, we can cater to all projects. We offer a full concept-advice service as well as prototype production for small batch or continuous supply of all sheet metal services and sheet metal products.

While are quotes are very competitive in pricing, they are accurate and always focused on top-quality workmanship and expert customer service. If you have an idea if what you need or want, but you’re not quite sure of the details or the requirements, don’t worry, we can figure it out for you and present you with an easy-to-follow quote.


Welding of CNC components: we provide full services for welding CNC components using 3D CAM software to achieve monitored, accurate, consistent and precise welding results.

MIG, TIG and ARC processes for different metals: different metals and metal thicknesses require different methods. 

MIG welding is used most commonly for thinner metals as it requires the threading of a thin wire through the welding instrument as it heats. The ARC method is a tried-and-true method popular for its cost-effectiveness and precision when using thicker metals and materials. We off MIG, TIG and ARC welding services, ask us about these when you chat to us regarding your quote and design.  

Production runs while maintaining quality: our high-grade machines and maintenance procedures ensures that production is always at a consistently high level, no matter the bulk or demand of the project.

CNC welding services

Quality and CONFIDENCE OF supply

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